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The  Indian Ocean economy, society,  culture  and  politic  which  existed  in the 1970's was  massively devided  between  the  East  and West  idology.  Capitalist  verses the  Communism - Socialist  power block.

Given that  most  of the colonial  powers that had  left  the region  were  significantly  mistrusted by the regional young nation's.  On the other  hand  Austria  which was a nutral  nation with  very good connection to  the COMECON  and Soviet Union was  ideal  to contribute  to the setting  up of  the  first  Interdisciplinary Management Institute model upon  Prof  Micheal  Hoffman  Vienna  Institute - the  Guru  in this field  for  German  speaking  nations.

 In  1979 at a meeting  in Vienna of  its Executives,  a young  Seychelles  national Mitchel Juan  EDMOND , married  to an Austrian wife,  was  confered a Fellow and granted the  Indian Ocean  Charter, this responsibiliy held to date.

For the past 25 years, its  has existed  and  operated  from  Britain and EU .  It has unofficial associate status - network not just in the Indian Ocean, IOIMF  have acquired a global presence. For the past  20 years Hon Mitchel Juan EDMOND has acted in the capacity of its Principal or Head.  There have been  very strong  argument  giving  this elite   discipline  to inexperience  Heads of state and  their governments - it being liable to abuses.

Heads of  most  leading  Western G 8 nations,  Royalty, their institutions , the EU and African Union  institutions, lobby  to raise  awareness and get due support.

In  2004 the first official attempt was made  to set up  in Seychelles, with the view to compensate the government SIM  - Seychelles Institute of Management.  Given the  major economic , regional  and international challange particular was facing.  It had  been  expected from the  very important good will  and  unpaid services amounting to $150 millions,  representing some  15 years  of  assisting, providing  Seychelles government  importantly among other regional governments,  its  very many corporate associates  with  one of the region and world  leading expert  in  multidisciplinary  government,  national economy and  corporate  management  expertise.

A Second attempt  was  made in 2004 this time  reaching  to the players of  the Seychelles economy and the regions. By selecting special work and projects IOIMF had participated, led to its conception, provided expertise or synergised it amounted to  $15 millions in owed  revenue.  With the failiur  came the  massive earth quake and the  Tsunami  2004/5

In discussion with  leading Seychelles law firms that we establish  an International  web  presence for IOIM and that the  wording foundation  be used and added to  our  charter.

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