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IOIMF   was  Chartered  in 1979 in  Vienna.

The   management  practice and discipline  use by  government think tank , task force of elite  western nations,  leading  multinational  corporation,  leading scientific  world bodies,  the UN  institutions and certain  leading world  religious Orders.  To be differentiated from the  classical management  discipline and practice.

In the 1970's the  terminology and use of  interdisciplinary was a term  again very selectively used - the greater  public  knew very little about it.

In Europe in the 70's  Prof Dr Micheal Hoffman  was  considered  a leading  expert -guru.   Having lectured at Haward  on the topic,  German , Italian, Swiss  Universities.  He was also the  Dozent for the  Wien  UNI - Management Faculty -  He was the founder and  Principal of  Interdisciplinary Management  Institute - Vienna.  Among some of the  client were the leading  German, Austrian, Italian, Swiss and USA  multinational, the UN  and Austria government.

On account of  the difficulty to implant  IOIMF in the  Indian Ocean - Seychelles  preferably, it was move to London  1981.

Given the  complexities of  British  colonial  management practices,   Seychelles  French  colonial management practices,  Italian, South African, Indian,  Arab, Chinese  IOIMF was compelled to take  on board  other  management discipline and practices  more in line  with the  Indian Ocean Region.

It took upon itself the task to  experiment  with other much more complex  aspects of  interdisciplinary - multidisciplinary management  approach - particular  as changes began to occure in former comecon,  the Soviet Union and China - the Communist economy.

On account of  the dynmic  colonial history of Indian Ocean  management approach, the strategis aspects we went even further  to  research into  management practice  some 6000 years ago.

There were few developing nation  involved in  this  science and practice. On this account   unlike other leading and larger nations  we had  the difficulty of  adding other  more complex discipline, integrating  and making use of them.  Hence  to many world  acdemecians IOIMF  is  interdisciplinary management practice  is considered  unorthodox.

To enable  us to work with the  very limited resource and demanding  circumstances  we    worked with  leading experts,  consultants around the world  with out having to set  the infrastrucutrs normally associated with such  body.

The Principal for IOIMF overall development stayed the same having  taken the responsiblity in 1981.

The great  opportunity  for IOIMF  was the state of the British  economy,  African economy, Asian, Australia and the Gulf region.  We were able to  use certain discipline,  interdisciplinary management  practice which had been applied in continental  Europe,  these  interdisciplinary management discipline  was the main  pilar and motor of  Lady Tacther  conservative  government economic reforms.

By 1984, the British economy  had began to recover so that the "sick man of Europe " was  drop from the media and the politicians.

Further  development were made  to cope with the changing   comecon economy, German reunification,  changes in soviet Union economy and China, changes in French and Italian economy.

To a very great extent   what had been started in Vienna intended for the Indian Ocean only,   turned out  to be  an oustanding  Interdisciplinary/multisdiscipnary   management approach   which became equally  applicable in  the vast  Ecomonic system of  Europe and sarrounding  nations.

Hence the argument  by leading  Western nations that such  discipline would be very dangerous in the hands of unethical politicians and  business man.

On account of  the quality of its sucess, dynmic  appication - not forgeting  aspect of the original  management discipline IOIMF  for the past 20 years have been instrumental  to supporting many aspects of the  USA, Canada and Latin American  economy and  growth of its many multinationals. 

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