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Having visited,  read the phylosophy and founding of  IOIMF 27 years ago, the uniqueness of the foundation and its disciplines, particularly the complete unknown horizon it would have to exist in and still perform by the great principals it had been chartered namely the Indian Ocean region with all its constraints, challanges to date inspite very great efforts we do not have an Office or building is a great  tragedy.

The Tragedy is that  had it been a European institution those that sees the benefits  of such institutions  more forwarding is contributing to its establishment, proper function and growth which in IOIMF case did not happen, The constant battle for the past  27 years  to merely exist.  Yet  for those who are familiar with the science of interdisciplinary management or multidisciplinary  would have come to know the uniqueness and great contibutions, beneifts IOIMF have brought not just to the Indian Ocean  other regions, nations and governments. It went beyond its original chater it found itself involved in space discovery and other scientific  fields related with space.  On planet earth  it found itself  involved  in  countless  scientific  areas and field  not included in its original  charter.

For the past  27 years IOIMF, Indian Ocean Interdisciplinary Management Foundation have  existed  by personal funding and a few philantorpic  minded  person.

Yet  when all the sum is done the riches, wealth, vast benefit it  has brought  to the millions and mankind the past 27 years of its existance no sums can attached to its achievement.

If you believe in the work IOIMF have done the past 27 years, inspite global changes and other changes  the quality of its disciplines namely that  it has a greater role in the future of the Indian Ocean, the regions and mankind please contribute and donate what ever amount  you wish.  We will acknowledge the donation.

We thank you.                       

Mitchel J Edmond
IOIMF Principal
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